Auburn U-Tip Hair Extensions

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Auburn U-Tip

  • Length: 20"
  • Fusion: U-Tip
  • Style: Straight Hair
  • Color: #33
  • Weight: 1 Gram per Strand / 25 Strands per Pack
    • Pre-bonded hair extensions are much better and more gentle to use on your own natural hairs than clip in, micro loop, tape in and wefts/weaving hair extensions.
    • We have Pre-bonded hair extensions in the same range of colors as we have in clip in, tape in and wefts/weaving hair extensions.
    • You can even have your preferred hair color matched with the color of fusion hair extensions by using our color-matching assistant. There you can match your own hair color with the hair extensions color you like.
    • Nail tip hair extensions also called u-tip is a process in which the "U" shaped glue is already on the tip of the hair ready to be attached by using the extension iron.

    How many packs should I purchase?

    1. For a full head we suggest 4 packs or more (200-250 strands)
    2. For a half head we suggest 2 packs or more (100-150 strands)
    3. For shorter hair we suggest adding an additional 25 strands due to the long length of the hair, to ensure you create a natural look